The Coming Back Out Ball


The New York Times

For Older Gays Who Might Re-Enter the Closet, a Ball Invites Them Out
“The closet was a safe place,” he said. “We haven’t got as much energy as we used to have. And we don’t want to get into brawls. We just want to live peaceful lives now, please.”
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The Guardian

'I've seen it all': LGBTI elders come back out at the ball
In the midst of Australia’s same-sex marriage survey, a glorious night in Melbourne celebrates those who came of age when being ‘in the closet’ was all but compulsory
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The Drawing Room - ABC Radio

Coming back out
For LGBTI people, the narrative tends to be focused on struggles of young adulthood. Of coming out, and finding a place in the world. A new event, the Coming Back Out Ball, is honouring the elders of the LGBTI community, and reflecting on what it means to grow older as a part of that community,
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The Senior

Gordon’s ready to have a ball
Gordon Wilson came out as gay to his parents in 1950 when he was 14. “I think the Coming Back Out Ball is a fantastic idea,” he said. “It will be a wonderful celebration.”
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Sky News

LGBTI elders have their say on postal vote
Another dancer, Costas, said the prospect of marrying another man was never a question he thought he'd be asked. 'I can't really answer that question because theoretically it wasn't probably possible'. 'Everyone's personal journey is different, getting married, having a partner, I had no idea it would happen'.
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The Age

I'm coming out: Gay elders embrace new dance club
After a lifetime of guilt and secret longings, David Morrison came out as gay at age 76. He says the LGBTI Elders Dance Club could help people "to be involved with the LGBTI communities. To not just be alone, to be willing to mix with others."
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The Guardian

The Coming Back Out Ball: being out and proud and older in Australia
“The Coming Back Out Ball might seem like a one-off, feel-good celebration, serving little purpose but to entertain, but its ramifications are likely to be lasting, for those on the dance floor and for the wallflowers at the side.”
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The Yarra Reporter

A forgotten community now given some dancing shoes
“There is obviously a level of invisibility that happens as people get old and it’s really important just to make sure that all of the rainbow community is catered for.”
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Radio National

LGBTI elders dance club
At a special seniors' social night LGBTI elders, ranging in age from 60 to 90, hit the dancefloor.
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Yarra City Arts

“LGBTI Elders are invited to the All The Queen’s Men Dance Club at the Fitzroy Town Hall.”
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